Hey folks, welcome to the interim Six Mile Site.  

First:  Here's how it works.   You can be a writer on this site.  But to do it you have to sign up for your own personal wordpress.com site.   This isn't my decision, it's just how it is.   Once you get your own wordpress.com site I can add you as a writer to this site no problem.  You just have to leave me a comment or email me or call me.

I really like wordpress – it was, in fact my own first choice for sixmilevillage back in the day – but the multi-user version was really flawed.  So we went with tikiwiki or whatever it was.  I grew to like that program, but it was full of security flaws that we didn't have the time (in one case) or expertise (in my case) to fix.  Thus, through a series of events I don't understand completely, we end up with a kind of "HULK SMASH" kind of attitude towards the old site.

Anyway, this is all we can do for now till more time can be dedicated to finding A.) Location for hosting.  B.) Program for using.  C.) Hardware of stability +3

Welcome back.  Drop me a note.  Write.


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4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. onewatt Says:

    Wow, this is a great site. I think that it is the awesomest thing I have ever seen since the old Six Mile Village went off the air. I hope for many cool things that rhyme with W00+. Sign me up to write on this site.

  2. chellee Says:

    Cool site, I like it. It’s good to be back! Please add me as a writer so I can get back to the old fun :-)

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