Engagement photos

The events in my life could be described pretty simply.  So it's hard to think of interesting things to write about on the site that aren't either my work and the frustrations thereof or my entertainment and the pleasure thereof.   This is my normal life. 

Luckily I got engaged recently, which adds a new and exciting aspect to my life – and an embarrassing and ackward aspect to the lives of pretty much everybody who has to deal with my sudden new levels of mushiness.

Not my problem, I tell myself.

I realize a lot of people are pretty disturbed by the behavior and even presence of engaged people.  So, in an effort of politeness, I have been trying to avoid putting my personal life on sixmilevillage because so much of it is my relation with Kaye.  Rather, I save it (mostly) for the other site.  But I thought maybe I'll put a bit on here when it's more news-like rather than pure emotional burstings.  Because I like having new content on the site.  And as long as nobody else is posting on here, I'll supply filler with whatever I can get.

Anyway, the news of the day is that my engagement pictures are now available for viewing online at http://hamblin.shutterfly.com.  Welcome Y'all to go take a look at how cutesy and sickening I and my intended can be.

Peace out, yo.



One Response to “Engagement photos”

  1. gunny Says:

    Congratulations on the engagement, Greg. That is fantastic news. You guys look like a really happy couple, and we wish you the best.

    -Ben, Jen, and Ken

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