Easily excited.

My Kung Fu is Better!Those who know me know I'm pretty easily excited about movies.   I go into the theater and turn into a little kid.  My eyes are always wide open, my mouth slack jawed and drooling into my popcorn.   I flinch and jump and shout in response to light projected onto a screen.

So I like movies, yeah.

Anyway, I haven't been to a theater in a few years now, but I'm planning on going at least a couple of times this summer.   Once for this, once for that.  And maybe to something else.

The purpose of this post is to A. Link to the above trailers which make me giggle and cause heart palpitations, and B. Link to the following sites where hours can be spent learning about movies for those who are even more addicted than myself – meaning just going to the theater isn't enough.

1. HSX – the Hollywood Stock Exchange (only a game, but fun and talks about real movies.  This site is useful because it also talks about movies that people are only thinking about doing, like Indiana Jones 4 or adaptations of books.)

2. IMDB – Internet Movie Database.  Who's in what movie.

3. trailers.apple.com – Apple's quicktime trailers.  Good stuff.  I go to this site more often than the other two.  Like once a month.

4. Worstpreviews.com – This is a news site about movies.  This is the site that told me to tune into fox at 8:30 EST tonight to watch a ten minute clip from the new xmen movie.  How could I not like that?  Nobody knows why they're called worst previews.

Anyway, there's a few sites that could choke your time as if it were a camel and the websites were wads of flaming 100 dollar bills and you had lots and lots of them.  I don't go to these sites very often, but when I have a question about movies it's easy to find answers. 

Take that, lack of content on the site!



3 Responses to “Easily excited.”

  1. Morbo Says:


  2. cookietime Says:

    Add me please.

  3. cookietime Says:

    also, IMDB is a lifesaver when you recognise someone in a show but can’t remember what they’re out of… makes me happy!

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