An email from Luke Millhouse

Dear friends, i do not like the informality of a form letter on this subject
matter but i hope you will for give me.  I think we should treat our mothers
with more respect and love.  we will never know when they will not be with
us.  My mother of 25 years passed away peacefully last night.  she was found
by my father on the floor in the kitchen.  I will be flying home tomorrow
for a week to take care of my dad and the funeral.  Please call your mothers
and tell them that you love them.  I cant. Do it for me.
I love you all.
She is in paradise now, fulfilling a mission.  That was her fondest dream
was to preach the gospel.  Please keep me and my dad in your prayers.

Lucas Millhouse


3 Responses to “An email from Luke Millhouse”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I’ve tried to say something condoling, but all my words sound cheap to me. You’re right about mothers and I’m sorry to hear about yours. I will pray for you.

  2. Benski Says:

    I can’t express how surprised I am that Mrs. Millhouse is gone. My wife used to email her all the time. I just got another email from luke that says they will have a funeral on wednesday. I’m going to try to go. Maybe I’ll see some of you kids there.

  3. WhiteRaven Says:

    That is too bad, speaking of mothers though he has a point, but i am not talking about my mortal mother. What about our great mother? No one thinks of her anymore except me and even I take her for granted sometimes. We all drive (except me) slowly eating her away, someone once told me that we were like a parasite on our planet, I would agree except i think we are more like a cancer on her. We once served purpose for her, but like cancer we grew too many and to radical for her to handle us.

    If you want to be religious about it than I say this God created her to be balanced we are no longer complying with that balance perhaps we all are Godless creatures after all not just the select few many of you have pointed out. We are no longer in the will of God or should I call him YHWH.

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