A Few Laughs From Overseas

The Administartor asked me to write something on "being a mighty warrior of America" for the site.  I told him that I couldn't do that.  At least not yet.  My experience has been something I have a lot of trouble talking about to people who haven't been here.  Kind of like in Star Trek IV where McCoy asks Spock what death is like and Spock says, "It would be impossible to discuss the subject without a common frame of reference."  I did, however, promise to post some of the funny stuff I run into here.  I hope you find the following as funny as I did.  It's from a briefing we had on Opperational Security (OPSEC).  This part was refering to various Government Agencies' methods of determining who or what the enemy is.  They may sound funny, but it's even funnier when you've worked with some of these people and you know that this is really quite accurate.

The State Department:  "There are no enemies.  Only potential allies!"

The CIA:  "We know who the enemy is, but if we told you, we'd have to kill you."

The NSA:  "We know exactly where the enemy is and what they're going to do, but you don't need to know."

The Army:  "Could you repeat the question?"

The Air Force:  "We'll have to refer to one of our contractors on this one."

The Marines:  "Don't matter.  We kill 'em all!"

The Navy:  "The Air Force."

The FBI:  "The CIA."


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