Matisyahu: Youth

MatisyahuMatisyahu, an orthodox jewish artist, made his debut in 2004, but I hadn't heard of him until I saw a comercial for this latest album, Youth. I was surprised to see an orthodox Jew singing reggae music. I downloaded a few of his MP3's and was so impressed that I had to buy the CD. I found that I could listen to the CD all the way through and like everything I heard. It is so rare that I like all the songs on any CD. I usually find myself just skipping to the good ones then changing to something else.

Matisyahu is definitely very talented. I think the band has captured to soul of reggae music. It seems like some genre-style religious artists just rip off another artist's sound and put a religious message to it. This feels a lot more genuine.

Not only is the music good, but the lyrics are interesting. It seems rare to hear anything out of Orthodox Judaisim, but that may be because I don't live in New York City. It is kind of novel to get an opinion, if only one, of the state of Judaism today and how they feel about Israel and current events. Personally, I've always found the traditions and culture of Judaism fascinating, as many facets of their religion are similar to my own. 

You guys should check this out. You can hear snipets of his music and see video clips at


2 Responses to “Matisyahu: Youth”

  1. Greg Says:

    All I can think of is weird al doing something like this. Is it wrong of me?

  2. Jon-Kyle Says:

    Matisyahu is awesome.

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