Just in case you ever wondered if Taco Bell can do Carne Asada…

The Short answer: Not no, but hell no.

I had the misfortune today of purchasing a Carne Asada Chalupa from Taco Bell. And I have to say, for 2.19, I expected a lot more. It seems like I did taste a little meat in between bites of lettuce, but the said meat seemed like reconstitued beef jerky: little teeny squares of meat that have been rehydrated to appear to be pieces of steak. But the miniscule quantities of meat, half of which fell out the bottom of the shell, did disguise their less-than-adequate quality.

Carne Asada is more than just soaked meat. The words Carne Asada bring with them the sense of plenty. A Carne Asada burrito is packed full of the tender morsels, and a Carne Asada plate is likewise piled high to gluttonous satisfaction. However, these are authentic food traditions, and Taco bell is not the place to go if you expect authenticity. Even so, it is galling to call this abomination, this Frankenstein’s food monster, by the legitimate name of a tasty meal.

I will say one thing for the C—- A—- Chalupa. It is more appealing than cigarette butts scraped off a men’s room floor. That’s quite a tagline isn’t it?


A review for fast food items… what an innovation.


4 Responses to “Just in case you ever wondered if Taco Bell can do Carne Asada…”

  1. Cornelius Says:


  2. peggyhall Says:


    Tomorrow, can we discuss where the meat went in the big mac?

  3. gunny Says:

    If I hadn’t written this I would go down to Taco Bell and try one of these things just to see if it was really that bad. It is.

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