X-Men, jolly, popular?


Today I watched X-Men 3 for the first time. 

It leads me to say that entertainment can be quality work without me enjoying it. 

While I fully recognized that the movie had all that is lawfully required for a summer blockbuster, I didn't manage to enjoy it very much.   Which is too bad for a movie that I have been looking forward to for years. 

 I guess this is the problem when you're a geek – too hardcore to accept anything that doesn't fit in my geekitude.  Like movies that don't match comics.

Not that I'd know…. what was… in the comics…  Cause I don't read them…  right.

Yeah, that's it.

In all reality, and seriousness, I thought the movie was well done, except for the enjoyability plug-in.  I think a lot of it had to do with the new director, while the director of the first two movies has gone off to work on the upcoming superman movie.  (which makes me look forward to the superman movie even more.)

The movie is fast paced and intense throughout – which is something the first two seemed to lack at times.  But it was still not what I've been hoping for in an X-Men movie.  That is, it wasn't at any point the whole crew of the X-Men off fighting and kicking butt together. 

I think the appeal of the X-Men series from the beginning has always been that the readers / viewers can get excited to see people they have become familiar with go off and succeed against terrible odds.  There's something exciting and fun in seeing your favorite hero overcome the villian.  Heck, there's even something exciting and fun in seeing your favorite villian do what he does best – that's why I liked X2 so much. 

I found the story not entirely unbelievable, but the characters all out of tune in this installment.  Professor X too stupid, Magneto too emotional and erratic, Jean too phoenix, Wolverine too friendly, etc etc… 

I think the director and writers forgot that while it is the super powers that make a 'blockbuster' it's the characters that make for a good movie.  So we got lots of special effects, but lots of 'this doesn't seem right' type feelings.  Like hungarian rhapsody played masterfully on an out of tune Steinway piano. 

Will I watch it again?  Not in theaters unless paid to do so.

I'll give it a 1 on a scale of -5 to 5.   Not in the negative numbers, in fact above average, but lacking greatness.



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