Fuzzy-Eye Feeling and the Freak-Level Sleep Event

I've heard that after 48 hours of no sleep, a person will start to have auditory hallucinations.   Then after 72 hours or more a person may have visual hallucinations.

I love to sleep once I've started.  I just hate to start. 

I don't think I've ever gone more than 36 hours without sleep.  But I'm frequently 'low' on sleep.  I'll tell myself "Yes, you will go to bed with enough time to have well over 8 hours of sleep."  For example, two nights ago I said just such a thing to myself at about 11 pm, knowing I had to get up the next morning at 7ish. 

I think you know how this is going to go, right?  Of course, right.

At 1:15 AM I was watching Micheal Jacksons Thriller video online…

Not that I sought out Thriller, but that it was presented to me via the mysterious tides of the internet and also Vincent Price is a hard man to resist, even in voice form. 

Maybe the problem is that I just get distracted.   I fully intend to go to bed, but then I think "Well, maybe somebody emailed me." or "Maybe I had better see how many hits the site has had today."  and then I had better check my favorite web comics.  Then maybe I should write something for the site.  Maybe there's some new trailers.  Does this happen to you, or is it just me?

A few hours later I've got that fuzzy-eye feeling from staring at a computer monitor from a few inches in a dark room.

Well, I did get some sleep eventually, and last night was basically a repeat of the night before and the one before that.  About three 6-hour sleep nights in a row.  I'm not used to it.

The disturbing part was what happened while I was sleeping.  Normally I'm a very consistant sleeper.  I go to sleep, then I stay asleep.  I don't usually move my body, nor talk in my sleep.  I don't often snore unless provoked. 

Two nights ago, in a freak-level event, I woke up in darkness.  I came-to groggily.  I could tell my body was uncomfortable in some way.  My finger was up my nose.

I didn't recognize that anything was wrong about this position for a second.  My finger withdrew itself, then pointed aimlessly around the room as I slowly came more awake.  I realized the finger was searching for a place to deposit what it had discovered on it's midnight trek.

It was about that point that I came fully aware, awake, and astounded.

I wrote it off as the effects of some abnormal dream, wherein perhaps I was some sort of monkey with big nostrils.  Thusly appeased, dried mucus safely deposited in a neaby hankie, and feeling re-assured that I'm not in fact disgusting, I went back to sleep.

And I laughed to myself the next day at work. Ha ha.  What a humorous story.  We will all laugh at it someday.  But yes, I was secretly nervous.  But I comforted myself with the thought that one event does not a habit make.  My concern, of course, being for my future wife and her well-being.  But I felt pretty confident that she will sleep soundly without fear of a foreign object entering her left nostril.

Until last night.

When it happened again.  I kid you not.

Respectfully submitted,


One Response to “Fuzzy-Eye Feeling and the Freak-Level Sleep Event”

  1. gunny Says:

    I am the master of the midnight post.

    That’s pretty crazy about the nocturnal nosemining. Maybe you were dreaming you were a prospector.

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