A Real Job?

Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to find a real job? I mean you graduate from college with a degree…or two. And then you think "Ok. I'm ready for a real job" And then it's like NO ONE wants to hire you. My dad always said it's the degree that opens the door. I don't think I believe him anymore. I think it's experience. But then you're in this stupid cycle. Everyone wants experience. You can't get experience unless you get hired. But no one will hire you without experience. IT SUX!! And the interviewing process. Man does that suck. It's like you drive all over Kingdom Come and you try and impress people enough to hire you. And they pretend to be impressed. But are they really? You never know. Until you don't get a call back. Then you're like "Well apparently I didn't get the job". You think they would have the DECENCY to at least E-MAIL you the fact that the job has been filled. But they don't. So it's like this HUGE guessing game whether or not they're going to call. For WEEKS. Oh well. Guess I'll go apply for more non-existent jobs.

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4 Responses to “A Real Job?”

  1. Benski Says:

    Actually, my job wasn’t that hard to find. These guys&nbsp are always hiring.

    I know what you mean, though. I hear the trick is to get job in the field you’re looking for at a lower salary than one would expect to make. Hence, experience, and a way out of the cycle. Most people have to put up with entry level jobs for at least a little while.

  2. An-G Says:

    Well apparently I posted my post too soon. I GOT A JOB!! It’s like a three minute commute. It’s better pay than any of the other jobs that I’ve interviewed with and it’s with an advertising agency that works with non-profit organizations. My client is The Salvation Army. How cool is that?! Anyhow…I’m very excited.

    P.S. Ben, can you really see clumsy me in the Army? I think I would run into the wall rather than over it.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    You’re a funny guy Ben. I hope that’s as funny to the civilians as it is to us.

  4. 1sh4 Says:

    haha! So nice to see that someone is going through the exact same thing as me. I understand. I am in the same boat. I am in Finance and even though the stupid Career level says entry level, right below the experience line says at least 2+ years of experience!! I mean how do you get past it. Anyway, good luck to us!

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