BRAINS....I noticed something the other day.  If my brain is on defrost for too long it stops working.

I was playing a game which requires a little bit of thinking.  Don't get me wrong – this isn't chess or something like that, just a simple board game.  And I couldn't do it.  I couldn't think of how I ought to move.   It was frustrating.  Later I was doing a crossword puzzle and I had filled in the obvious answers when my brain just said "Yup, that ought to do the trick for the day," then he leaned back in the recliner and turned on the TV.  I may be wrong, but he may have also had some sort of carbonated beverage balanced on his fat stomach.

Lately I've been seeing less book, visioning more tele. 

I've been out of school for about 3 years, and I think my brain likes it that way.   I have a hard time focusing.   I have a hard time making good choices instead of just doing what randomly comes to mind.  I want to write amusing and interesting things, but when I sit myself in front of the typing device I find I don't care to.  I don't even know if I can any more.

It bugs me.

Hey, lots of things bug me.  But this is personal.   I need some ideas of how to increase brain-power post haste.  (that means do it fasterly.)  I'm guessing this is something we could all do with, and some probably have done with.  Any ideas or suggestions?  More books?  Meditation?  Yoga?  Therapy?  More school?  I'd decide what to do myself, but I think my brain is trying to trick me and thereby maintain a state of permanant hiatus by giving me bad suggestions. 

Curse you, Brain!  I will not watch Law and Order to see how those clever detectives increase their brain power!  It's a trick, I know it is!  And Numbers isn't a t.v. show that will make me smarter – it will just think for me and make me enjoy it!  

All right, mr. thinky, it's time to be dunked full-force into a big pile of novels, textbooks, poetry readings, opinionated professors, and self-aggrandizing students!  There will be stimulating and meaningful conversation!  Resist if you dare! 

I get weird when I listen to Soul Coughing.



6 Responses to “Brains”

  1. Six Mile Village » To do. Says:

    […] See previous entry, re: Brains. […]

  2. you know who Says:

    try reading Cleon W. Skousen. That’ll get you thinking. (he’s not deep, just thought provoking.)

  3. Benski Says:

    I had a thought about your situation. It seems to me that some aspects of your post-mission life have been sort of analagous to your pre-mission life – living in Cedar, job at Applebees, multimedia induced stupors, etc. I would bet that as soon as a few things come along that are drastically different – marriage, new apt, school, etc. – the lazy-brain will go bye-bye.

    And about writing interesting and amusing things, I find that you can’t will the muse. You have to have some sort of exigence, a reason for writing.

    Just an opinion or two.

  4. Cornelius Says:

    Sometimes putting a sign on your office that says, “Gone Fishing!” is a good idea. We had a generator once that was running at 85% of it’s max load all of the time. It didn’t last long. I’ve had periods like that where I just shut off. What usually gets me out of it is something new. A few weeks ago I built a deck using only lands to win. I’d never done it before and I was running at full creativity for a week. By the way, it works quite well. The point is that you should try doing something completely outside the realm of your experience. Take up a new hobby. Read a book about something you’ve never heard of. I’m sure you’ve heard of the law of diminishing returns. There’s a point where no matter how much effort you put into something, you won’t get much back. When you’ve reached that point with things you’re familiar with then it’s time to try something new. Take your job for instance. You’ve gotten as far as you’re going to get and now it’s boring. If it were easy to do, I’d say find a new job doing something you’ve never done. That’s not an easy thing to do with financial responsibility hanging over you, but I hope you get the idea. I still recommend taking a day to go fishing.

  5. Greg Says:

    Good call.

    Also, kayeleen said she may be willing to learn magic, should I really want to teach her… hmmm….


  6. WhiteRaven Says:

    Thiamine or B1 is what your brain needs to function, dont know if that will make ou think better but your brain needs it.

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