Went to watch the newest pixar event on the weekend.

I had been a bit afraid.  I had just watched Disney's latest computer-animated attempt, Chicken Little, a few days earlier.  I remember being all-around disgusted.

Obviously, now that the disney/pixar contract has expired, disney wants to get their people practicing what they have too-long neglected:  The newly profitable computer animated film.  I imagine the guys at disney saying "So, pixar just packed up their offices and moved out."   "Oh yeah, we ought to find somebody else we can pay to make us look good."   But it didn't work.

For some reason, I hadn't anticipated Cars nearly as much as The Incredibles or Finding Nemo.    I thought to myself: "Talking Cars? Umm…  no."   But considering their track record, I figured it was worth a shot to take a watch.

Pixar proved that they are masters of movie making.  They said "Let's make a movie about cars, next."  and turned it into something really really good.  It's a delight to me to contrast the work they do with pretty much anybody else.  Like people who say "Let's re-do the chicken little story rather than come up with something entirely original." 



While watching this movie I was pretty much "into it" in the first two or three minutes.  Never once during the film did I have to think about the animation.  It was done so well that I was able to give my entire focus to the story and characters – which is exactly how it should be.  The movement and sound and light were all perfect – the cars even really seemed to have real weight and power.  The obvious exception was the 'mater' character who was really funny, but really too unrealistic when compared with all the other cars.  The 'sets' were very detailed and beautiful.  

The downside was that the story really wasn't that involving – probably because there were two or three stories all intertwining.  The story of Doc Hudson was by far the most emotionally compelling, but they wasted the 'sappy song' part on another part of the plot, leaving it powerless. 

Otherwise, a good flick.  I'd go watch it again, if you're not doing anything later.

I'll give it a 3.98992 on a scale of -5 to 5.



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