Going Away


Just thought I’d post and say that I’ll be in ROTC camp for a month. It should be interesting. Time to see what the Army is like when everybody is college educated.

Hope you and the Mrs. like the gift, Greg. It should get there tomorrow.

Blaine, you should go enjoy “the gift” once your Iraq shenanigans are over.

Jared, you should write on this site.

Batman, you might consider hiring a whole Bat-Squad. I mean you have the money.

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One Response to “Going Away”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    When my unit did the training up in Fort Lewis a couple of three years ago, they had to be restrained from just killing every one of the cadets all of the time. I suppose one should never underestimate the power of redneck accuracy. It’s still surprising since the odds were 4 or 5 to 1 in the cadets favor most of the time. I’m sure with your experience and knowledge it’ll turn out different for you. If nothing else, you know the secrets of the zergling rush. They’ll never expect it.

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