Magnetic Ad Rustling at the Old Domino’s Ranch

The drive started out like any other.  The pizzas had been getting fat all spring and now was the time to take them up North.  First stop was in Juniper Hall, then on the North Main Trail up to the Country Aire RV Park.  Before I left, the Boss came to me and said, “We don’t normally deliver to Juniper this late.  Watch out for strange goings on and shifty folk.”  I’d made the drive several times before and wasn’t too concerned.  This time though, he was right.

Sure enough, as soon as I arrived I met as shady a group as ever there was.  There were five of them, all acting like they’d just spent their last dime at the Saloon.  We exchanged greetings and I waited by my ride until they’d moved on, then I made my delivery.  When I came back out, a group of ladies were leaning over the balcony doing their best to distract me from my job.  I knew I had to escape these sirens, so I got back on my ride and hit the trail.  It wasn’t until I made my next delivery that I noticed someone had rustled the magnetic ad from off the top of my car!  What a thing to take.  Usually rustlers go after the pizzas.  I decided to go back to the ranch and tell the Boss what had happened.

When I told him the story he said, “We need that sign back.  Go back to Juniper and search the countryside for it.  I’ll round up the posse and have them meet you there.”  I searched all over but couldn’t find any trace of the sign.  What I did find was the same group of shady characters I’d met before.  They all said they didn’t know anything about it, but I’m not so sure.  They seemed like the kind that used to ride with The Noid before the Law caugh up with him.  The problem is that I couldn’t prove it, so I got back to my search.

After looking around for a few minutes, I met up with the Sheriff and his posse and told them the story.  They decided to go find this group of shady characters and question them themselves.  Finding them wasn’t too hard.  They were still sitting where I had found them last and smoking “cigarettes”.  They couldn’t really give a good account of themselves, especially since the sign was found in a bush not 50 feet away from where they were, but we didn’t have any way to prove they did it.  In the end, we let them go.

I guess you could say “No harm, no foul” but I remember a time when pizza rustlers were either hung from a tree with their own horse or shot where they stood.  Times sure have changed.


2 Responses to “Magnetic Ad Rustling at the Old Domino’s Ranch”

  1. Greg Says:

    Yeah, we don’t get shady types like we used to… Not since the Noid stopped being avoided. Now all they can do is hide pizza signs in bushes and fold pizza boxes into pterodactyls used to frighten teenage mutant ninja turtles.



  2. Talialee Says:

    well then, sounds like another fun night in podunk ville. we gotta keep busy somehow!

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