A pond on the mountainI went on a hike this morning.  It was nice.  I saw lizards.

I also took some pictures, which is the real reason for this post.  I love to take pictures.  I love close ups of nature and the beauty that is so easy to find in the most simple of objects – a stone, a leaf.  Clicking the above link will take you to my pictures which include: Spiderweb on a cactus, a 22 shell, some pine sap, a view of our new home, some ants, a tree, and some oak leaves. 

Come to think of it, that sounds pretty boring.  But I think they’re pretty.

I just picked a pinnacle on a hill near the house and went for it.  There wasn’t really anything there to see but more of the city.  I walked down the other side, putting the hill between me and the city.  The sounds of construction and traffic dissapeared.  Eventually there were chirps and whistles from the creatures – though all I saw was chipmunks, lizards and birds. 

There were too many beautiful things for me to take pictures of.  I ran out of memory on my cards.  But I still got some good ones. 

On a whim I followed a dry wash for a while then deeper into the wilderness.  The wash cut north deeper into a canyon, and I found water.  A clear stream had formed from the rain during the past few nights.  I could see where floods had matted down the reeds a few days ago.  But today all that was left was a trickle. I found deer tracks in the mud.   I followed the stream, wanting to know where it could possibly come out into the city that I wouldn’t know about it.  The canyon became steep and rocky.  

I dropped down a bit into a place with sheer walls.  A few more steps and I saw holes in the soft ground around me.  The holes opened up into a 50 foot drop onto wet stones in a cave below.  I figured it was not a safe place to walk, so I headed back, scaled the walls, and walked the edge of the canyon to the road. 

Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half in the morning.   Now I’ve just got to get studying for a final tomorrow morning.



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