Meta Gamers

Meta Gamers is an online comic by Michael Plumb and Rodney Staton.

I mention it right off the bat because I hope that will make it more likely that when you type in Meta Gamers on google it will come up with the comic site as number 1.

This is also why there is a plethora of links on this posting. To try and convince the search engines that anybody who’s anybody goes to the comic.

Which they don’t…. yet. But they will…. soon.

It’s an online comic where there are recurring characters inside various types of video games. So in one issue you might see these same characters in a Final Fantasy game, complaining about the instability of Chocobos, and in the next they’ll be in counter-strike complaining about the instability of chocobos.

Or it is to be hoped.

I think it looks great. And if I were more of a gamer I would probably laugh a lot more. But I haven’t gamed in a long time and there are only so many starcraft jokes to be had out there. The site is very professional looking. The comic really is pretty funny. And the art is pretty darn impressive for a guy who works on it in his spare time.

Right now the plan is to update every friday.

I’m trying not to be jealous of my friends doing cool things without me. It may help if I were cool. But… alas…


Meta Gamers

Anyway, I just want to encourage you and everybody standing behind you with knives to check out Meta Gamers at as soon as possible and then frequently.



4 Responses to “Meta Gamers”

  1. anah Says:

    Didn’t work. It’s not even in the first 10. It is 12th, though. SMV came up first. =-)

  2. Cube Says:

    Many thanks for the positive review, our ratings have moved from 52 ->> to 12, so that is a vast improvement. Not only that, we have been picked up by a comic review site, so expect our ratings to increase even more. I suppose this means that Rodney and I will have to start taking this seriously ^^.


  3. anah Says:

    Hooray for you!!! Good job, guys.


  4. Cube Says:

    We’re number 1 Woot!

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