Summer School

Bat meI finished my second class for the summer semester.   It was Western Civilization II: the Wrath of Bostick. (online)  I felt pretty good about it since I escaped with a B on the final and therefore an A- overall.  Hooray for good grades. 

I actually learned quite a bit from this class.  The learning I value isn’t the facts of the history presented, but the current application of what is studied.  I enjoyed the class because I felt like I could look at history and somehow plug my life into it.  It gave me a sense of perspective that I don’t think I had before.    It also helped me understand current events more gooder. 

My other summer class was Small Group Communication.    I also learned a lot from this class.  And it was directly applicable to my every day life.  Which is just plain cool.   There were tons of times where I left this class thinking that they ought to require it for everybody – so we can all see how stupid we are when we communicate and how to do better.

This has been my report on my summer classes.



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