Who Wants to be a SuperHero

Remember that part of Mystery Men when they have try-outs for Super Heros? And the whole neighborhood turns out in spandex, pretending to have super-powers? Remember? You’d never think that there are real people out there in real life with actual spandex suits in their closet just waiting for the call.

Or maybe you are one of the people with a brightly colored suit in the closet…

Well, there are these people around. They live around us every day, comfortable in their secret identities. But when Stan Lee and the Sci-Fi channel get together, all the wanna-be super heros come out to play.

I would love to have seen the try-outs for this show.

I just wanted to post a little something on here about comedy. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out the Sci Fi channel’s “Who Wants to be a SuperHero.” It’s hosted by Stan Lee, who aint much of an actor, and it’s got great (read: Horrible) special effects throughout. And it’s insane to watch grown people act with all sincerity as if they had super powers.

Every episode, another person is eliminated by Stan Lee. (“Sorry, Monkey Girl, your fuzzy britches are just too much for ol’ Stan.”) They’re given challenges like “Find a secret spot to change into your super costume.” and a girl in pigtails is in trouble just before the finish line… Who will help her? DAH DAH DAH!

So I’ve been getting a good laugh every once in a while from this show.



One Response to “Who Wants to be a SuperHero”

  1. anah Says:

    This is insane. Absolutely ridiculous, as in worthy of ridicule. I laughed. In mockery, at the try-outs clip. They sounded like they weren’t convinced themselves. And the last guy who said he was three halves? He’s obviously a side-kick. Superheros shouldn’t be that dumb. Ooh, wait. I forgot about Freakazoid!

    Enough said.

    I’m still laughing.


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