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SproutI notice that if you type in pretty much any phrase including (or just the word) “Mormon” into google, the first thing you see is the official web site, then wikipedia, then anti-LDS websites by the droves.

I wonder just how many results come up when a person types in the phrase “Ex Mormon”.

Wait… I can probably find out… 53,000.

And when I typed in “My Mormon Mission” you get my posting from earlier, then a “missionary mall” kind of site, then instantly, hundreds of anti-LDS sites.

I would love to argue with the claims of all of these sites, but any intelligent person knows that arguing with what already is an one sided argument ends up leading to nowhere.  I doubt any of these people are prepared to say “Okay, I was wrong, I will change.” because of any sort of argument.

No, I was thinking how it’s a shame that there aren’t as many pro-LDS sites out there to see when these phrases are typed in. It would be cool if that when the word “Ex Mormon” is typed into a search engine, there would be pages written by active LDS members inviting people to come back to church.   I would love to see the word mormon typed in and instantly discover thousands of people talking about how great mormonism is and their experiences and testimonies.

I mention it because I think I’m going to try to do my part to see that goal happen.  In the past I have tended to shy away from writing things of a religous nature, or being bold in saying “Yes, I’m LDS and I’m proud of it!”  I think that was stupid.   If people can create hundred-page websites in their spare time – attacking LDS beliefs, culture, and people; then I can take the time to be positive and kind in what I do online.

And, by the way, to the ex mormon: You felt something once.  You can have it again, and so much more.  Come back just a while and see if it doesn’t make a difference.



11 Responses to “ex mormon”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, it would be so nice to have good and uplifting comments and websites come up before the bad stuff floods over but what can we do?

  2. anah Says:

    The thought makes me laugh, but I’m game! Let me know if you have any ideas on how to do this. I doubt that you’re thinking of turning SMV into an active pro-mormon site. If you have any other ideas that make me laugh you can share those, too. ;)

  3. Michael Jones Says:

    You know what *I* would like to see, would be an ex ex-mormon site. A site for people like me who left the church, swore never to come back, and then *whoops* felt the spirit again and ended back happily in the fold. Some sort of antithesis for for all the sites calling us brainwashed or ignorant of how the real world works.

  4. tellarite Says:

    Maybe a better search phrase would be in order? “Mormon Apologetics” or “LDS Apologetics” seems to work fairly nice.

    Btw.. it is rumoured that I found this site fairly useful several years ago: http://www.jefflindsay.com/LDSFAQ/index.html

  5. Greg Says:

    Re: Michael’s Comment:

    You know, I think that the vast majority of mormons who are what you could call ‘firm’ in their activity are the ones who have an ‘ex-mormon’ time. That is – while there are many who stay members and active their whole lives – most people have to test or double-check their beliefs and feelings through a period of rejecting, then re-embracing and evaluating.


  6. sue Says:

    My son-in-law has recently been over taken by apostacy and has taken my daughter down with him. I was just going to bed, saying my prayers and thinking of her, wondering if people like her ever do come back. I did a search and amongst all the anti-Mormon sites I spotted this one. I’d just like to know if there is hope. Mine was a google search using “mormons come back”. Michael, thanks for your ray of light. I worry so much for my daughter and their 4 sweet children.

  7. Giuseppe Martinengo Says:

    Have you taken a look at http://www.moregoodfoundation.org? They may have an idea about this problem.

  8. Stewart Foss Says:

    I have to echo Giuseppe, the More Good Foundation (www.moregoodfoundation.org) is trying to just this and I am sure they would love your help. I stumbled across the foundation a few weeks ago and it has really open my eyes to the missionary opportunity out there. Good luck getting some positive Mormon content out there.

    ps. thanks again for the feedback about Scripture Tag (www.scripturetag.com).

  9. Danny Says:

    You can search your soul or you can have some church that does not know Who You Really Are tell you what it thinks.

  10. liam Says:

    Where’s your “My Mormon mission” post?
    It’s really a intriguing article.
    I wanna read it again.
    Where did it go?

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