Gone Podcastin’

I'm a geekI like technology.  Not enough to ever be on the cutting edge, or know about what’s new, or even what’s popular – but a lot.  I like to have cool techno thingies and know about cool techno events and developments.

I pretty much get into something about 2 years after it becomes cool.  You can tell when you look at my personal electronics.  My palm pilot, cell phone, computer, personal audio system, etc.  They’re all about 2 years past cool.  or 2 years beyond cutting-edge.

Well, my latest thing is subscribing to podcasts.  It’s about time that nobody is impressed with the idea of me subscribing to podcasts, so I had better do it.  So far I don’t care for most of the ones I’ve found, but I do subscribe to the following:

American Public Media’s “Marketplace” – news and financial information for people who don’t know a lot about finance.

NPR‘s “Most Emailed” stories –  Stories from radio that are most popular.

Thistlepod – a bit of the Thistle and Shamrock show.  Celtic music.

Wait wait… Don’t tell me – The radio news quiz.

Penn Radio – Penn from Penn and Teller does a daily radio talk show, did you know?   I haven’t really had a chance to listen to this one very much yet, so I’m not sure if I like it much.

Strong Bad Email podcast – sends old sbemails out in pod form.

Any suggestions of great podcasts out there?  There’s a pretty good one where a couple of guys go over the most popular DIGG articles, but it’s got lots of swearing and they’re more annoying than funny.

So suggest some, if you’re a podcast ee.


One Response to “Gone Podcastin’”

  1. Tellarite Says:

    My personal favorite:

    Free Talk Live – http://freetalklive.com/netcast.xml

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