Cool LDS site

I went surfing this morning through some LDS websites. There were a lot that I didn’t like very much, but there is a cool project that I really like at The idea is that you add ‘tags’ to each verse of scripture, then the scriptures can be searched by word or by ‘tag’. This means that you could type in ‘faith’ and get not just the scriptures that contain the word faith, but those which some person thinks has to do with faith.

So, anyway, check it out. It’s still in it’s baby phase, so most verses don’t have any tags. I went through and tagged Alma 11 this morning. Kinda fun to get in on the ground floor in a project with this much potential for cool.

What I’d love to see is a personal version where I can put in just my own tags on my own computerized set of scriptures, and a slightly easier interface that doesn’t require me to go to a new page to enter tags.

Well, I’m going to go tag moses 1 now.


One Response to “Cool LDS site”

  1. anah Says:

    Tag. You’re IT.

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