Sam Elliot is THE MAN!

In order for this to make any sense, you have to know who Sam Elliot is.  If you have no idea, then stop right now and go watch either “Tombstone” or “We Were Soldiers”.

The other day I heard a commercial on the radio for possibly the most manly thing there ever was in this whole world: Beef.  Sam Elliot has been the voice of Beef for a long time, but it just now struck me what powers that man has.  I went from being not even hungry to thinking that it was not only my privilege but also my duty as a man and an American to go eat a steak right now.  Wow.  I’ll bet that just the mention of his name strikes fear and terror into the hearts of vegitarians the world over.  This is something that can’t really be explained.  You have to experience it for yourself to really appreciate it.  I’m sure there’s a website somewhere that you could go to to hear the voice of Beef, but I don’t have time to find a link to it.  Go do a search.  This Ribeye won’t eat itself!


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