How to be happy: finances and life lessons.

I had a chance to attend a one hour seminar today that was quite the eye opener.  It was given by a guy who is two years older than me.  He’s already a multi-millionaire.  He drove a Bentley to the conference today.  His web site is  A lot of what he said was really good.  I give to you the basic principles that impacted me.

Mento Fun!If there was a machine that spit out 1000 dollars every time you put in 100 dollars, how often would you put in 100 dollars?

What if it put out 20 dollars for your Benjamin?

There are machines like this out there.  They’re called “humans.”  They don’t work on just money, however.  They work on whatever they see as valuable – money being the easiest to visualize. 

Some people receive value and hoard it.  They think that there’s only a certain amount of money out there and they’re going to hang on to what they have.  They mistrust any successful person.  Think of multi-level marketing schemes.  Pretty much anybody you know hates them.  Why?  Because while you make money you also in a very visible way allow somebody else to have money for doing nothing.  

And we hate that. 

(never mind the fact that it’s exactly how it works at every job – just not as visibly.)

Then there are people who are ‘producers.’   They think in terms of service.  They don’t think in terms of price, but in terms of value.  They recognize that there is a limit to the amount of money there is out there, but no limit on how many times you can spend it.  They don’t mind helping others earn more money, because they think in terms of service and production.  They want to do more and create value for others. 

And they know that the value they create for others – sometimes money, sometimes not – is always exchanged.  When you give value, you receive it.  So they put out 1000 “value units” for every 100 they receive because they know people will be frantic to give even more!

This kind of person thinks in terms of abundance and therefore receives abundance.  Most people think in terms of scarcity and receive little.

Think of Ammon in the book of mormon.  He started out his missionary work by giving much.  His spiritual labor was huge as he prepared to serve those who had given him nothing.  Then, having impressed the king, he was offered a chance to live with the king and marry his daughter.  Did he take it?  no.  He kept the server attitude and gave more than he received.  Every time a choice came, Ammon chose to forsake the reward in front of him for the value he would receive by continuing to give.  And what did he get in the end?  That which he valued above all riches and power for himself and all those he loved. 

I think love works this way too.  Some people hoard it.  Some people give ten times what they recieve.  Which kind of person do you love more?  The one who gives much more than they have recieved.  And so they are paid with the continuing and increasing outpourings of love.

Anyway, it’s a fascinating perspective.  I hope I can learn it well.  I hope I’m the kind of person who people love to gather around because I give them as much as I can for what I receive.



One Response to “How to be happy: finances and life lessons.”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    Hmmm…Interesting. I see this at work. Some of use give deals as often as we can and the people we give them to come back. Others give full price as much as possible and sell an expensive pizza once.

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