Why windows takes so long to start up

Saw a cool article at this site: http://www.intelliadmin.com/blog/2006/09/why-windows-takes-so-long-to-start-up.html I just didn’t feel like waiting for this digged site to load to read it.  I’ve tried this stuff and it doesn’t seem to help… maybe my computer just roxorz anyway.

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5 Responses to “Why windows takes so long to start up”

  1. anah Says:

    Yay for you!!! Thank you for posting this! I have been searching for my sledgehammer. ‘Nuf said.

  2. Andrew K Says:

    IntelliAdmin has absolutely NO idea how the Windows Prefetcher works. Following there advice will SLOW DOWN your system. Anyone who claims otherwise has NEVER properly tested it. I have personally spoken to Microsoft Engineers on the Windows Client Performance Team who can confirm this.

    The Prefetch is NOT a Cache. It is a folder that holds Prefetch (.pf) Trace Files that are REFERENCED NOT Loaded upon Windows Startup or an initial Application load. They have only ONE purpose and that is to ACCELERATE the loading time of Windows and your applications. By Default the Windows XP Prefetcher is already configured optimally. Cleaning the folder will REDUCE both Windows XP Boot times and ALL your application’s cold start load times. The folder is already self cleaning at 128 entries and consumes almost no disk space. Setting the EnablePrefetcher to 2 will Cripple ALL of your application’s cold start load time. The default value of 3 has ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE EFFECT on Windows Boot times.

    IntelliAdmin have no business giving anyone advice ever again with their blatantly irresponsible and misinformed article that shows people how to SLOW DOWN Windows Boot and your application’s cold start times. All the information you need is here and can be backed up IRREFUTABLY: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/XPMyths.html

  3. anah Says:

    Greg, who is this? Who can justify his credibility? He sounds obnoxiously pompous and his logic in “proving” that he’s right by showing us his OWN webpage is questionable (and, I might add, rather conceited). He should have given a different source to back up what he’s saying.

    Andrew K, I refute your statement.


  4. Cornelius Says:

    Anah, if you don’t know by now that ALL Geeks are obnoxiously pompous when they think they are right, then you need to get out more. I’ll bet he knows more about Windows Start-up than you do. Go Andrew! Boo everyone else!

  5. anah Says:


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