How War is a Crime: The New War and the New Media

CasingI had an interesting discussion last night about the War in Iraq.  What I heard was that there’s a new tactic taking place over there that hasn’t been used in war before.  It goes something like this:

The insurgents or whatever they are called take position in or on top of a house occupied by civilian women and children. 

When a convoy of U.S. troops passes, the insurgents launch their attack, then retreat. 

The troops do as trained: first throwing fragmentation grenades into the house, then entering the house firing at any people inside. 

Yes, sometimes they get the insurgents.

The results are as follows:  1. The Iraqi people can be made more angry due to the killing of innocents which they blame on the troops.  2.  The U.S. media describes the “wholesale slaughter” of innocent women and children by U.S. troops in Iraq, thereby reducing morale, support, and damaging our efforts.

Courts ensue, mud is slung, dollars are spent on arguing.

I think it must be the first time in history that anybody has used our own media as a weapon against us in a war.  Having said that, however, I recognize that I haven’t done a pinch of research into this area.



2 Responses to “How War is a Crime: The New War and the New Media”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    For more insights into the psyche of the terrorist, watch “The Siege” with Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. It’s rated “R”, but sometimes the truth isn’t pretty or happy. I’m glad that particular scenario hasn’t happened yet, but I won’t rule it out.

  2. anah Says:

    That sounds typical of both the insurgents and our media. American media doesn’t care who they rape as long as they get some news. I’m not surprised.

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