Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep

There was a post a while back regarding the lack of active writers on SMV. I remember commenting that, being summer (at the time), people were probably busy, ect. and would start to write again as the school year commenced. Something of a “leave them alone and they’ll come home” theme. It seems, however, that I was wrong. Perhaps I need to be more patient, and perhaps the other two submitters (read Greg and Cornelius) oh, and Andrew, too (okay, so three) need to invite or re-invite people to blog on this site. I’ve told a couple of friends and they seemed interested, but I’ll talk to them again. And now that I read over this I realise that I sound rather like Hermione, which happens when it’s late and I’m being terrorized by a 2 year-old who is up waaay past his bedtime. So, with apologies for being Miss Know-it-all, I bid you adieu and good night!


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