Videos of the day

Here is the product of my surfings during the time of the day when I surf while at the computer lab where I spend my time when surfing and looking for products.

Ben Folds Rocks.  This is him doing a cover of “Such Great Heights.”  It’s a great song.  Ben Fold’s typical moody style suits the lyrics of this song perfectly. For the original click here.

Erik Mongrain.  Some very unique guitar playing.  Very cool to watch and to hear.

Neave Tv.  Move your mouse over the bottom of the screen to change the ‘channel.’  It’s a cool layout for a website.

There was also the old ‘banned’ episode of pokimon that caused all those kids to have seizures back in 98.  Remember?  but I didn’t feel like posting it since… well.. you know.  Seizures.



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