On Having the Rug pulled from under my Feet

 It’s been a while since I poked my head around here. Looks like business is picking up. Regular writers… that’s great news for all. I’ve been pretty busy with school and such and I’ve just started my TV diet again. Basically, I just can’t watch any until I feel things are cooling off at school.

It’s upon those lines that I wish to comment. As a senior graduating in December, I foolishly signed up for five upper division classes. These aren’t necessarily harder, they just expect longer papers and more reading.

One class in particular sounded fun and interesting. It’s called Media, Technology, and Writing. So far it seems to be a LOT of busy work and haphhazard lechtures. We, the five students in the class, read 100-150 pages a week, then write a couple of pages about what we read or possibly give a short presentation about it.

That isn’t bad. In fact, it’s what I expected. 

The problem is that the teacher is a total flake. He routinely gives assignments that he forgets about the following week, or even worse, imagines that he gave an assignment that he really didn’t. We were supposed to give presentations about what we read one week, and once we were back in class it turned into a paper. Two people happened to have written their presentations out, and the rest of us got whined at for five minutes before moving on. He won’t dock points or anything. He just whines.

Most grevious, in my eight-year-college-veteran expert opinion, is that he makes drastic changes to the syllabus every week. In essence, there is no syllabus; instead, there are a couple of rough ideas, cobbled together, scribbled on the chalk board, and randomly shuffled each week depending on how the stars are aligned. Assignments are whimsically rearranged, created, cancelled, or expanded every weekoften in the last forty-five seconds of class.

I can accept skewed philosophies, high expectations, or monotoned lechtures with no participation.

But I despise chaos; I am not prepared to accept total ambiguity.

I guess my real problem is that this guy is expecting us to put a significant investment into this class. I don’t feel that our investment is seeing any return from his end. The class is like a three-hour study group where the worst participant is giving me the grade.

I only needed twelve credits to graduate this semester, but I took fifteen so that I could challenge myself. It turns out it is a challenge, but one focused on my sanity more than anything else.




3 Responses to “On Having the Rug pulled from under my Feet”

  1. Greg Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I have about 3 teachers that I wish had been required to take courses on how to teach effectively. It’s too bad that you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to become a teacher in the public school system, but that they assume those with PhD’s are good teachers. Really they just need to learn how to organize what they’re doing rather than spout randomly the things they have learned.

    Grr. now I’m mad.


  2. Cornelius Says:

    Ha ha! That’s what all of you saps who are still letting The Man control you deserve for kowtowing to his ridiculous demands! All I have to put up with is a boss who instead of getting the money for the food order, goes to Meqsuite and blows it on everything there that is expensive and wrong. Not too much longer and I’ll be able to buy the store from him. By the time you guys are graduated and “on your feet” with “real” jobs, I’m going to be making six figures doing my own thing!

  3. Ben Says:

    -Greg: Yah! Down with Philosophy Doctors! Up with Juris Doctors!
    -Blaine: So he takes the till from the drawer and blows it on hookers and blackjack? Wow. How has he managed to stay in business? I hope that future deployments won’t interfere with your management of the joint…. unless you’re getting out.

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