Video games, addiction, other creepy things…

Blaine and I have had a few conversations about video games and addiction and time wasting.  It’s been a good series of conversations.  I feel good about it. 

Kayeleen has been struggling and failing to understand the reason behind playing video games.  I couldn’t think of a good way to explain it, so I was thinking of introducing her to civilizations.  Seems like something she would enjoy.

In looking around today I ended up finding this page.  Good stuff.  

There may be a bit more truth to it than I dare admit.

In other news,  and since I get pretty much all my news from,  I found This Site which really creeps me out.  in daylight.  Not the site, but the article.   It has to do with shadow people, and stimulating parts of the brain.  I found myself thinking What if she’s not imagining, but the stimulation makes her aware of something that is actually there?

Then I got me the shivvers pretty good.

(I feel I never told you the story of the ghost  -phish)

As far as the site goes, I’ve added the RSS Feeds of a couple of (rarely updated – curse you!) sites to the sidebar.  This helps me see if people I know have written anything.  If you have a friend or your own feed and would like to add it, just let me know.



One Response to “Video games, addiction, other creepy things…”

  1. Ben Says:

    Zoiks scoob! A g-g-g-ghost!

    Pretty interesting, especially about the shadow trying to take the card.

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