Saturday Morning Cartoons

BraniacI’ve been flipping through the channels this morning. It’s very interesting to see how saturday morning cartoons have changed since the days I watched them religiously. Right now I’m watching “The Batman.” The 3rd or 4th incarnation of a really good series. This time it’s pretty much ignoring any comic history or previous series, which I think is about the only way to do a new version of a show that’s been around for about 20 years. I like the animation, but I miss the voices that were used in the past 3 Batman shows. The Joker just isn’t quite as “jokery” without Mark Hamill.

Speaking of Batman

I admit, I also watched a couple minutes of the newest Power Ranger series. I don’t really think it’s a new show, because their whole trick for increasing ratings is to have the entire cast change periodically and get new powers.

Yes, it’s the same show. Monster comes to town, is defeated, gets made into giant version of self, giant version is defeated by giant robot. Yeah. Special effects are slightly better, but it’s still the exact same show.

I also watched a bit of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now it’s in the future, and all their weapons are futuristic and spiffy. I don’t remember being impressed with any ‘intellectual’ aspects of the original show. I think I was pretty young. The new show won’t impress anybody either. In today’s episode, Michelangelo and his human buddy are waiting in line for the release of the hottest new video game at the electronics store in the mall.

The humanity of it all!


I also watched most of an episode of “Legion of Super Heroes.” It’s like a teenage justice league. I only had one major problem with the show. It was a character the other teenage heroes lovingly called “brainy.”

Brain.. ee… ack…?

Yup. Brainiac.

Unless this character goes evil and tries to destroy the whole world in an upcoming episode I’m going to be pretty upset with pretty much everything. Although, if we went into the history of the comic book series of the Legion of Super Heroes we see there is a “Braniac 5” who is a good guy. But still. Anger.

Now I’m going to insert an image of braniac into the top of this post by pressing the little icon that looks like a tree and telling it where the image is located ( and telling the alignment should be to the left.

Just sayin’ is all.



One Response to “Saturday Morning Cartoons”

  1. anah Says:

    Thanks! It’s good that I can laugh at myself. Because I am. How do you get the picture to the right size (and not all over the page)? You can laugh at me too. Go ahead, I know you want to.

    Besides, it will amuse me if you do. :)


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