Blaine is HUGE in Minneapolis.

popularity-chart.jpg  Well, there you have it.  Ben is orange, I’m blue, Blaine is Red.  With the exception of mid 2006 where Blaine takes a huge spike in the numbers, it’s clear that Ben’s dominance is supreme.

What this is is another less-known aspect of google called “Trends.”  You can type in any word or set of words and it will chart out how many times that word has been searched for, in what areas of the world, and what news articles accompanied it. (note the letters.  The mid-2006 spike is when david blaine did not accomplish his latest feat of something or another.)  Interesting, no?  If nothing else it disproves the idea of greg being awesome and proves the overwhelming superiority of ben’s awesome.  (the words teah and kayeleen did not occur at any time.  Sorry.)

In an interesting side note, you can see what are the top 10 locations that people are searching for these phrases from.  In every location, yes, ben is far ahead.  EXCEPT in minneapolis, where, for some reason unknown to the rest of us, “Blaine” is a much higher search.

Umm.  weird.

I would have compared other people as well,  but I don’t like doing research on non-authors.  Ha. 



2 Responses to “Blaine is HUGE in Minneapolis.”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I’ve never, ever, heard of this “David Blaine” you make mention of. However, I do know that the time of this spike in searches is about the time I re-entered the States. According to MY research, this is most likely due to all of the ladies trying to find either my phone number, address, or both.

  2. Greg Says:

    Ah. A more obvious truth was never written on the blog.

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