Poor, sad, obese, little Timmy.

Little TimmyRyan already mentioned it on his site, but I wanted to mention it too. They’ve made it against the rules in a certain elementary school for kids to play tag.

And dodgeball has been out for a few years already.

The reasoning is that the school lives in fear of a lawsuit should some child be injured.

I have a lot of thoughts about the lawsuit-happy nation we live in, which I wont share right now because I’m tired. But I did want to post so that I could include the drawing I made a couple days ago of sad timmy, standing on the playground, waiting for his chance to look at the ball.

Originally there was also a mean, curly-haired lady in a dress next to him pointing at a small red ball while shouting something about “YOU MAY LOOK AT THE BALL BUT YOU MAY NOT TOUCH THE BALL.” or something. But I figure little timmy’s expression says it all.


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