Mitt Romney and the Potomac Shuffle

Mitt Romney is looking more and more like a Washington politician, and the Boston Globe more and more like toilet paper.

Google has an interesting little program called “Alerts” which allows you to choose a word which google will search for every day for you.  Every time the word appears in newsprint google will email you and show you the headlines.  One of my google alerts is for the word “Mormon.”  Naturally, most of the alerts are from Utah newspapers, but popping up quite frequently is the Boston Globe and its editorial page.

The Boston Globe never says anything negative about Mormons, but takes any opportunity to point out any flaw with any Mormon.  At least it has during the time I’ve had Alerts.  Lately it’s had almost daily reports of the wicked Mormon presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. 

The claim is as follows:  There were emails which referred to meetings with the leaders of the Mormon church.  In these meetings a Romney representative asked for support from the Mormon church in the upcoming presidential election.  This, of course, would be illegal.  However, the email seems to indicate that the LDS church leaders agreed to start a grass-roots campaign with members of the LDS church supporting Romney. 

All this from 2 emails allegedly from a Romney official to somebody who isn’t even in the LDS leadership hirearchy. 

Okay, here’s how I see it:

1. All I have is what the paper says are emails from somebody to somebody.

2. The Boston Globe is never kind to Mormons

3.  The Church has denied the idea of rendering any aid to any political party – which is completely in-line with it’s stance for generations.

4.  There’s no way the most wealthy non-profit organization in the U.S. would endanger its tax-exempt status by backing an unlikely political candidate. 

The allegations are altogether absurd, if it weren’t for one thing that really bugs me.

Mitt Romney has yet (as far as I know) to deny the claim.  In fact, his phrases are magnificently slimy – entirely Washington-esque.  His non-answers will fit in delightfully with those of the Eloi he desires to consort with.

If nothing else, Romney has proven to me that religion has nothing to do with his politicking.  Race, sex, and religion apparently do nothing to change the fact that a politician is still and always will be a politician.



3 Responses to “Mitt Romney and the Potomac Shuffle”

  1. Benski Says:

    I was watching CNN the other day and they had a short piece about Romney. They said that the far right would have trouble accepting Romney because he’s a “Mo-Mo” (quoting myself, not CNN). I really wondered if some kind of accusation would come out like this about him because, lets face it, Mormons don’t merely give humble reverence to church leaders. I thought the accusation would be that people felt Romney was unduly influenced by Salt Lake.

    The idea of the LDS church officially endorsing and campaigning for a candidate is, of course, ridiculous. But many people are still skeptical of the church and its agenda. They view us as a secret society, a fringe religion.

    However, I do think it entirely plausible that the man could have made some communication about his candidacy to some friends or leaders of political action groups who happen to be prominent members of the church. That doesn’t sound unreasonable, but to those suspicious types it could look damnable.

  2. Ben Dover Says:

    I was right!

    “The context was the Globe’s complaint that Mitt Romney is reaching out for support to his fellow BYU alums who – oh, the horror! – also happen to be his Mormon co-religionists. The Globe sternly warns Romney to ‘make sure that the church stays out of his nascent presidential campaign.'”

  3. Cornelius Says:

    “I could give you my word as a Spaniard.”

    “No good. I’ve known too many Spaniards.”

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