Re: Blaine. Also, Time Travel Movies

It appears that the 80’s did have the market cornered on Sci-Fi geekdom. But I wasn’t aware that Tron had a diehard, kill-you-in-your-sleep-if-you-dare-oppose-me kind of following. I thought it was more of a nostalgic, hey-that-movie-was-okay-when-we-were-kids kind of following. I don’t think Tron merits a top five spot.

Dune, however, is awesome. I do concur with you there. How can you top a giant fetus who can fold space? The breathy whispers are so captivating, I find myself next to the TV just to hear what the characters are saying. Even the “Muad-Dib” shouts wouldn’t bother me.

Moving on. I thought of the top three time travel movies. There aren’t a whole lot of these (hence only top-three), but I think these are far and away the best. (I didn’t put “Time Bandits” in here because I haven’t seen it. I’m sure it’s good though.)

1. Back to the Future: Part II (1989)

I eagerly anticipated this movie for years. Every time the first one ended with “To Be Continued,” I would wonder when..WHEN WILL IT BE CONTINUED?? This movie affected me so profoundly that I tried to design a hoverboard using magnets. As a young skateboard enthusiast, that was the coolest thing a movie ever suggested to me. This movie is great because it gives you all your favorite story bits from the first Back to the Future plus the added plot of old Biff giving his teenage self a sports almanac. It’s like two movies in one. Two damn good movies.

2. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

It’s the wild west, Napoleon, Socrates (so-krayts), Beethoven, Jean d’Arc, and Abe Lincoln all rolled into one movie. I loved this film because it was the most memorable history lesson a nine-year-old could ever get. Time travel, rock music, and history: What’s not to like? I was surprised when I realized later that George Carlin was Rufus in this film. This film also has the one and only role suited to Keanu Reeves. 

3. StarTrek: First Contact (1996)

I’m not sure if this film did very well in the theatres. I didn’t see it until it was already on video, but I was blown away.  The backstory of Zephram Cochran and Earth before Cpt. Kirk was fascinating. Cpt. Picard and the Ahab motif was a nice touch. This is my favorite StarTrek Film, too. I recognize that the Cpt. Kirk series was good, but I always felt like they belonged to an older generation. They were the movies that my older brother and I watched when he came to visit. I can claim ownership for this one. It must be good since they created “Enterprise” using alot of the story points from this film.


3 Responses to “Re: Blaine. Also, Time Travel Movies”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    Both Greg and I like Tron. This gives it a top five. You’re right. I was speaking more of the Star Wars and Star Trek crowd. But if it will help clear things up, I will kill you in your sleep for opposing me.

  2. spacekitten Says:

    Ben, you really aren’t missing out on much be not having seen Time Bandits. It really is only for late nights when your brain has already gone to sleep.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    Also, First Contact Rules!!!

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