The Real Top Five Geek Movies of the 80’s and Why.

You are pwnzed Greg!  My list is way more geek, way more cool, and way more 80’s than yours could ever be!  And here it is: Wrath of Khan, The Empire Strikes Back, The Last Starfighter, Tron, and Dune.  Mine aren’t just geek movies.  This is the Royal Flush of Geekdom!  Each one has a cult numbering in the scores of thousands behind it.  And we’re not talking about your average lesser weekend geeks either.  These are fanatical g33ks who constantly vie for the supremacy of whatever movie cult (commonly know as “fan club”) that they belong to.  They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the collective good of thier kind.

I think I’ve proven the “Geek” thing.  Let’s look at cool for a minute.  Kudos to you for also picking Tron.  Tron rules.  But how many of your other movies rule?  They must both be geek AND rule!  Ferris Bueller and Back to the Future are hilarious and also good choices, but they do not have armies of sweaty, dedicated fanatics behind them.  Ghostbusters is not bad, but look me in the eye and tell me that it is better than any of the movies on my list.  I didn’t think so.  And finally we have Ninja Turtles 2.  Isn’t that the one where they spend ten minutes repeating, “Go ninja! Go ninja! Go!”?  My left arm is going numb from the lameness.  I think this movie would be better suited to the “awful” category.

This leaves us with the 80’s category.  Empire: ’80, Tron: ’82, Wrath of Khan: ’82, Last Starfighter: ’84, Dune: ’84.  Five movies in five years.  Your list does keep it’s dates within ten years of each other, but you have to dig into what is technically the nineties to do it.  If you were to trade out that Ninja Turtles for Goonies (1985), then you might have a contender.  As it is, you’re just asking to get scathed.


3 Responses to “The Real Top Five Geek Movies of the 80’s and Why.”

  1. Greg Says:

    pwnzed I am, indeed.

    I walk in shame.


  2. spacekitten Says:

    You do have a point there. Geek and cool is hard to come by. There are some movies that transcend barriers and will be classics forever, even if they are just cult classics.

  3. 80's Movies Says:

    How about these

    Airplane (Flying High) –
    Blade Runner –
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High –
    Back to the Future –
    Weird Science –
    Ferris Buellers Day Off –
    Stand By Me –

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