Anybody know anything about miniatures?

I was wandering around the ol’ interweb and found myself, once again, on  It’s a great site.  They have lots of really well-informed people on there telling us about pretty much anything for free.  I make it a point to frequently go to the “urban legends” part of to see what is in the vogue as far as stupid people go. 

This time I discovered that actually pays it’s writers.  At least 500 dollars per month.  Some earn 100,000 dollars per year just writing for  The problem is that they only let you apply for currenlty available topics.  None of these topics, by the way, are any of my vast array of specialities. 

But I figured I had better post the site in case any of you are really knowlegable about bladder cancer, gay teens, or event planning.  You could make some money.


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