Anger Music.

Evil Eye

The question, as I understand it, is “what music has a Demerol kind of effect on you?”  Or something like that.  I will write about what I listen to when my eyes turn red with anger. 

Pink Floyd doesn’t exactly evoke calm in me – it’s more of a non-responsive kind of feeling.  I think that they’ve absorbed so much second-hand drug-smoke that it actually seeps out of the speakers whenever I listen to them.  I could be wrong.

When I’m in a bad mood I take one of several musical routes.  The key, I’ve noticed, is the volume level.  When I’m angry the music is loud.  When I’m happy the music is equally or more loud.  The question depends on how bad a mood I’m in.  If I’m in a really bad mood I know I should try to listen to upbeat stuff to try to keep myself happy – but that’s really the last thing I want to listen to.  So I try for something neutral and then upgrade to happy music. 

My most angry music is probably Pink Floyd for the same effect Blaine seems to get out of it.  I can’t be mad while I’m listening to Pink Floyd.   And once I hit “Learn to Fly” I tend to cheer up considerably.  After listening to “Learn to Fly” I’m pretty much good to listen to another musical artist in happiness, or at least moderate grumpiness instead of anger.

When I’m only in a little bit of a bad mood I listen to a lot of Aerosmith, Jimmy Eat World, and especially Collective Soul.  I find I can’t listen to Jimmy Eat World or Collective Soul without getting happy.  I start with something a little loud like “Why pt. 2” by Collective Soul and then  move on to more upbeat stuff.  

But still, you don’t want to reduce the volume level.

I also find that if I’m depressed, none of my anger management music is welcome.  I go straight for the classical music.  In those cases, I find that John Williams, Jack Stamp, Elmer Bernstein, and the song “Liberi Fatali” from Final Fantasy 8 tend to do the trick. 

But only when played loud.

So my list for good emotional release music:

1.  Collective Soul
2.  Jimmy Eat World
3.  Pink Floyd
4.  Certain songs by Aerosmith
5.  Certain songs by Z Z Top
6.  Certain dynamic classical / instrumental tunes which I haven’t the will to list at this time.


One Response to “Anger Music.”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    “Second-hand drug smoke”! What are you talking about? They absorbed so much first-hand that even the Echoes CD in my car is giving me a mild high. And I don’t even have a CD player. “Second-hand.” Pfff!

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