The Plague

We called it the plague.

Would thursday night be a suitable time for the meeting of the Bros on ye olde battlenet for some olde timey Craft?  Leave ye comments and let a time be established forthwith!


10 Responses to “The Plague”

  1. Greg Says:

    Having said so, I would like to point out to myself in a kind of self-torment way that it would be a lot easier to craft if I bought a 400 dollar laptop monday and a wireless router for my house which would allow me and any comers immediate online carnage.
    Just sayin’ is all…
    (this is how I pout while trying to get other people to convince me and my wife that there’s some actual need for *insert cool geeky thing*)

  2. Benski Says:

    Thursday will be good for me. But not friday. On Friday I’m in love.

  3. Cornelius Says:

    What time Thursday? Lee Ann and I were planning on going up to Provo since we both have the day off. By the way, do you want to ditch out on all responsibilities and go to Provo Thursday, Greg?

  4. Greg Says:

    Nur…. I would like to, actually, but there’s pretty much no way I can justify it. If it were friday, maybe. I actually thought you were going up on friday, which was the reason for planning on doing the craft thursday night. When is good for you, if nae thursday? Saturday night?

  5. Cornelius Says:

    I close Saturday, Magic on Friday. I have Tuesday off and I work day shift Wednesday. Those would be the good days. The trip Thursday may be done before the sun goes down, but then again it may not. I don’t know.

  6. Greg Says:


  7. Ben Says:

    yah, I guess wednesday would work just as well. I have PT in the morning, so I can’t be up too late.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nurf. Blorgy. Squid.

  9. Ben Says:

    SMORG! What channel are we doing this in?

  10. Cornelius Says:

    Friggin’ Wireless!

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