Mars Attacks!

I’ll tell you what happens.   I get 6 hours in front of a computer with no homework assignments due, and I’ll tell you what happens

I write a lot on the site.

Sometimes I get silly.

Today (or yesterday?) NASA announced it had lost contactwith one of the… devices… satellites?  Yeah… in orbit around mars.  They aren’t sure why.  This reminds me of way back in 2000 and 2003 when it seemed NASA just couldn’t manage to hit an object the size of a planet – like Mars – with anything they shot at it – like a rocket.   Turns out it’s not the first, nor last time Mars will defeat us with its mighty red-dirt powers. 

Here’s a list of Mars space thingies that have failed in an unexpected way:
Mars 2 -1971
Mars 3 – 1971
Phobos 1 – 1988
Phobos 2 – 1988
(those are all soviet)
Mars Observer – 1992
Beagle 2 – 2004
As well as countless glitches, blackouts, and loss of signals.

Now the Mars Surveyor has not talked back to us for a week.  Why do you suppose that is?  The answer may be more chilling to you than any movie trailer! It may shock you!  I must warn you!

Okay, I haven’t got any idea.  But you should think of something funny and leave it below.

Here’s a possibility.  They open up the plasma manifold,  dig down past the stasis couplings and find the martians have snuck up there and replaced our warp reactor with this:

Tarding Out    GO WARPDRIVE! GO!  Do the Warptusi!  YES!

That is all.


One Response to “Mars Attacks!”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I have long suspected that there is another civilization kickin’ it on the red planet and all this frozen water and possible protien strands and bacteria crap is to try to convince us that the planet really is boring so we give up and go home. They come out and party like rockstars every night. We just can’t see it.

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