Teah is too lazy to write titles or re-size pictures!

Howdy, everyone.

dscn0702.JPGFirst of all, Congratuations to Gregor and Kaye. Wow, you guys are fast! I bet you’re having fun. So where are the videos? And by the way, there’s a whole face in that picture. Is he sucking his thumb in that one? He’s very cute. (Probably takes after Kayleen. :-) And he has big feet (got those from Greg :-P ). It’s fun to look at these pictures after the baby’s born because you can see all the similarities. So any name options?

Okay, so I finally (at the request of a friend) broke down and got a place on myspace. (You can mock me now.) Here’s the url: http://www.myspace.com/lttealeaf . There’s really not much there, but you can go and find out that I like music and movies and haven’t had a television in over a year. Oh, wait. Now you know, so you don’t need to go to http://www.myspace.com/lttealeaf to find all of that out. Darn. Self-inflicted sabotage. Oh well. You can at least go and look at the pictures. Here’s the address if you missed it the first two times: http://www.myspace.com/lttealeaf. You can also go and make comments at me. It’ll be fun. I promise. (Okay, maybe I’m lying. But you’ll have to go to find out. http://www.myspace.com/lttealeaf)

Okay, I’ll stop now. That was enough silliness for one night. Anyway, I’m still uploading pictures, so don’t go away forever.

Another thing. I’m going to add a picture to this post, so if it turns out REALLY big you can call me a dork, but please also tell me how to fix it for next time. It’s Jack in his Alligator costume for Halloween. He’s 2 .5 this month.

Brain just shut down, so I’ll be signing off.



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