Definately not an iguana.

footHaving been to the doctor’s office this afternoon, Kayeleen and I feel pretty confident that we will not be having an iguana in april.

Initial clues were the presence of human body parts, making up an entire – however small – human being.   Naturally everybody is pretty relieved.

So we can pretty officially say that this is probably going to be squirted out as a baby boy sometime in early April. 

It was a pretty cool experience.  They had a projector in the room so they could just shine it on the wall and show us what was going on.  We saw baby arms, legs, brains, heart, kidneys, spine, lips, nose, fingers, toes, and on and on.  It’s all there.  He may be a lefty because he was using his left hand for thumb sucking purposes.

He was also a pretty active little squirt, causing the doctor to comment that he was glad for the ability to freeze the image in order to take measurements.   Today his feet were facing down, and he was using the opportunity to bounce around on my wife’s bladder like a trampoline.  Face shot, lying down.

Little twerp.

It was a fun experience. 

So now we have pictues and even a couple of 3 second videos to show anybody who is interested.   And that’s the adventure of the day for me.



3 Responses to “Definately not an iguana.”

  1. Ben Says:

    Well, an Iguana would have been cool. But this is good too. Congratulations! I think that a blue, bubblegum cigar is in order.
    A son! But the son of Hamblin must not become a Jedi.

  2. Cornelius Says:

    I’m glad the doctor knows what all of those things are, because there’s no way a normal person could tell he has eyes and a chin from those pictures. I’m very relieved that it is actually human. Ever since I watched Aliens, I’ve been a little nervous about pregnancy.

  3. Marden Says:

    Dang, the iguana curse didnt work. Stupid scientology spellbook.

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