How to add images to your posts.

A froggy!1. Have an image.

This may be hard for some of us.

2. Put image online.

This challenges some people. While this site does have a feature where you can upload pictures and other files, I would prefer you not use it because there will someday come a limit and then your pictures from the past may dissapear.

To put your images online, I reccomend Flickr. It’s run by Yahoo, so if you already have a yahoo account you can use it.  You can upload a pretty decent amount of photos each month, and it automatically puts them into different sizes for you. Easy stuff.

Using Flickr you never have to worry about accidentally putting a huge picture on your website. This also allows you to share a lot of your pictures with other people with net access.

On your personal flickr page you click the picture you want, then “ALL SIZES,” then the size you want, (usually ‘small’ or ‘thumbnail’ size) then at the bottom of that page it will have a place that says “Grab the photo’s URL.” Copy it.  Not the image, the web address of the image. (it will look something like this: )

Now when you’re writing your post you can do step 3 easily.

3. Add your picture to your post

To do this, first write what you want to write, then click in the text editor where you want your image to be to put that blinky line there.

Next, click the icon of the tree at the top of the text editor.  It will pop up with a thing about “insert/edit image.” Where it says “Image URL” you should paste what you just copied. Easy. That will put your image on your post. But you probably want to do step 4.

4. Make it look good.

Type a one or two word description so that when people put their cursor over it they can read more about it. Change the alignment. The image in this post has it’s alignment set to “Left” which allows the text to wrap around the image instead of just having one line of text next to it. Change the border to zero, this will get rid of that annoying blue box that the internet likes to put around innocent images. Then hit okay and drag the image around to where you want it in the post. You can even shrink or expand it while it’s in the text editor. A note of warning: If you put it too far on the bottom of your post it may invade the posts below it, so try to avoid that, lest I fling leprechauns at ye.

So there you have it. Try to keep from putting anybody’s eye out.


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3 Responses to “How to add images to your posts.”

  1. anah Says:

    A sheepish smile of gratitude for you.

    (have I mentioned that you’re awesome?)


  2. Benski Says:

    hmmph… yes, yes, good, good. Having to host images on a different site is a nuissance, though. When do you think the site will hit the limit for pictures?

  3. Talia Lee Says:

    For those who have a studen account at SUU, all you have to really do is create a folder called public_html on your student drive and put whatever photos you want in it. Then to find them online, all you have to do is go to student computer login ide here)/ and you then the name of the file, such as duck.jpeg, exactly as it appears in your folder.

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