Warcraft 3: Best and Worst thing for Real Time Strategy

I was just sitting here putting off writing a very long paper when it occured to me that there is no category for video game reviews on the site. There probably should be, if people would write them.

I’ve been playing a bit of Starcraft lately for no particular reason. Every time I do I think about what is missing. Why can’t those SCVs be in 3D ? For that matter, why can’t the landscape be in true 3D with line of sight? Where is my Level 6 Jim Raynor with his special ability? If he got enough experience he would be unstoppable! Psionic Storm could be one Tassadar’s specialties. Ah.. such possibilities. The lack of multiplayer heroes gets to me.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has a hero concept, which is why I have played it quite a bit also. But it lacks the playability of War3. The hero gets attached to a squad and you don’t really ever see him again. If your forces are big enough, you won’t realize he’s dead until you see his picture in the barracks to regenerate him. The DOW heroes are pretty strong when they first come but they don’t level up. They gradually become more insignificant as the game goes on. After a while, its not even worth your time to produce them (there are two per race). This fact, coupled with the near zero out-of-the-box support from THQno maps, no patches, no upgrades, no nothin’ make DOW a quick starter that is quickly extinguished.

Warcraft 3 has ruined me in the realm of Real Time Strategy. Every other game I play can’t compare with the sheer awesomeness of its hero concept. It takes all my favorite parts of Diablo and mashes them into the fantasy world I have done battle in since 94 on a DOS platform. Leveling the heroes up becomes part of what is necessary to win. A level ten Keeper of the Grove can trounce an entire city with its loyal army of Ents. It creates them without monetary cost. The game is no longer about who can pump out grunts and footmen the fastest.

Well… not entirely anyway.

You care about your heroes more than your cannon fodder and you wouldn’t just throw them away on a fruitless attack. If you do you pay for it. The preciousness of your forces makes for a more strategic game. You have to preserve your forces or you will be overwelmed. 

Another point that makes for more strategy is that it is extremely foolish to divide your forces. You need all your guys together when the enemy comes so that you can face down his heroes. You don’t just build an army for base defense, build another to attack, and build another because your bored. You can’t risk making the fight two sided.

Warcraft 3 also updates often. They are constantly fixing hacks and glitches in this game. Warcraft 3 has the playability, strategy, and support to make it the best RTS ever made.

Now being the best RTS ever creates new problems. You can’t go back to your old games. Well you can, but with intense regret. It’s like dating Halle Berry only to be kicked back to your mom. Sure she’s a nice woman, but she don’t inspire the same feelings, does she. I can play starcraft for nostalgia’s sake and for little other.

Additionally, everybody knows Warcraft 3 is the best RTS ever. They even know in Korea and play it at all hours. Unfortunately, being married with a child, having goals, and going to school does not allow me to put in the kind of time that… say… a forty year old basement-dweller would be able to. There was brief period where I was able to waste many an hour leading my Night Elves to victory; my brother and I were ranked 23rd in the world. Now, I can hardly get on battle.net without getting my ass handed to me. I’ve been called a newbie by people who were probably born after I started playing the warcaft series. And having the Koreans creating digital carnage when our sun sets means that you can’t even get a Warcraft 3 game in the middle of the night without getting your cap peeled.

Warcraft 3 will always be my game of choice, though it’s painful to suck at what you love. It’s lack of time, though. Not lack of potential. I feel like I’m trapped on Elba. I guess the only answer is to get back on the horse and conquer the world again. But who has time to conquer a whole world? Korea alone will take some time. After all, kimchi and a keyboard is a deadly combo. I’ll have to save them for last.

Benski – A true Warcraft 3 lover and loyalist


8 Responses to “Warcraft 3: Best and Worst thing for Real Time Strategy”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    You make many good points. I do have to say that I still play StarCraft with great pleasure. There’s just not much better than watching a million zerglings explode like so many malignant pustules. Mostly I like the universe better. I do have to say that War3 is the superior fantasy RTS game. Guess what I dug out of my bag of infinite holding yesterday…Warcarft 2 Battle.net Edition! I’m looking forward to putting things in perspective by revisiting old favorites.

  2. Ben Says:

    Yah, nobody could say that the Starcraft universe isn’t cool. I played both the regular and expansion campaigns with great satisfaction. I haven’t played The Frozen Throne through yet (partly because hoodlums stole it out of my car along with my stereo).

    I don’t see anything on Blizzard’s “up-and-coming” list about anything but Starcraft: Ghost. And I’ve been waiting for that for three years. I think they’ve just postponed it again until they can put it on the next generation systems.

  3. Greg Says:

    They just reported recently (I remember hearing, but I can’t remember where) that a team has been selected to look into doing a diablo 3. And I thought starcraft would take a precedence. Alas.

  4. Cornelius Says:

    Gaaahhhhh!!! Blizzard tasks me! I must have either Ghost or Starcraft 2. I need to find some way to keep them from being further sidetracked from what is truly important.

  5. Holy Cannoli « Six Mile Village Says:

    […] That said, I think I’m going to have some free time on my hands now. Anybody for computerized carnage, digital death, and midnight mayhem? Starcraft is ok. Preferrably Warcraft 3… see my post. […]

  6. Kerk Says:

    I love you. Warcraft 3 is the best RTS ever made, imo. Then comes Starcraft, WC2, and CoH last. That’s my opinion, as a true RTS fan. Warcraft 3 really had a great storyline, great dialogue, great strategy, great music, but most of all….EXCELLENT fun! The campaign mode is so engrossing, as is the online play. Especially Custom maps. I see a lot of hate with WC3 going around, which makes me wonder about today’s gamers. They’re so shallow and demand games without storylines, I swear. Some of ’em. The casuals.


  7. Tommy Says:

    Bit of a necro post, but hey.

    Blizzard at this point has confirmed starcraft 2, diablo 3, and canceled starcraft ghost.

  8. Icarus Says:

    Love it to this day ever since it was released in 2003 and I Know this way past this post dead part but I must be sayed, however what I really love was the Custom maps(modding) where anything could happen from High Fantasy RPG to Zombie Apocalypse, however the modding community for W3 has slowed down since Starcraft 2.

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