Halo 3

I know some people here (I’m looking in your direction, blaine) are fans of the Halo series.  I thought I ought to post the link to the High Definition Halo 3 Trailer.  It’s too short, but maybe that’s why they call it a ‘teaser.’ 

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4 Responses to “Halo 3”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I need a better computer. Mine cannot handle the awesomeness. They say 2007. I must know when. Probably Christmas. Alas. Se la Guerre…

  2. Benski Says:

    Very cool. I might just have to buy an Xbox 360 before that comes out. I bought my xbox because of Halo 1.

    I didn’t know you were into Halo, Blaine. Do you play on the computer?

  3. Benski Says:

    They’re saying Fall ’07 on this. That’s not that long. Maybe I can have enough bread to buy a 360 by then.

  4. Cornelius Says:

    Yes, I use the computer. I excell at games when they don’t require the use of thumbs.

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