Christian or Christ-Follower?

I watched some videos mere moments ago here: .  These videos bring a schism to my attention that I wasn’t even aware existed before – that of being a “Christian” versus being a “Christ Follower.” 

The only thing I’ve been able to respond with thus far is “Uh…. what?”, so somebody ought to tell me what I think about this.



4 Responses to “Christian or Christ-Follower?”

  1. Talia Lee Says:

    Okay, you think that this is a silly way that people are using to divide the different areas of Christianity, a way of being able to categorize those who don’t believe in Christ the same way as everyone else, meaning those who are “christian”, generally excluding Mormons and anyone out there who is not officially a member of those groups that are of major importance in the “Christian” world.

  2. Cornelius Says:

    I was unable to watch the first video, but I did see the other two. Here’s what I think:

    They are portraying two extremes, neither of which has it down. The well-dressed one is one of those people who thinks that appearance is reality and is taking the bit about being “in the world, but not of it” a little too seriously. It seems that his religion is in his dress and choice of music. The other is the kind that thinks he is basically a “good person” and therefore he’s okay. They’re both going to Hell.

  3. Ben Says:

    I guess this “Christ Follower” things was invented as a way to be christian without being the stereotypical “Jesus Freak.” They must be going off that scripture where Jesus criticized the pharisees for making their religious adornments (phylacteries) overly obvious.

  4. White Raven Says:

    I did not get to watch the videos, but from what other people are commenting I am assuming that these so called christian people are like the stereotypical christians, and we can not exclude mormons either. I regard all churches as evil, we can not say who is going to hell and who is not going to hell only God reserves that right not even christ has the right to lay judgement on us they call him the savior for a reason because he wishes to defend us and save us from the judgement but it is not his call to what happens to us.

    In fact here you go I am going to give you a chance to scoff and laugh at me. I had a dream a while back, I was given what you would state as a calling, I am charged with finding the men of the silver room and sending them to the judgement of God. I think it has something to do with a mormon temple, every time I mention this silver room to a mormon that has been in the temple or “temple worthy” they turn white and ask me how I know, when I say cause God told me in a dream and asked me to find the leader of this council and send them to be judged they look at me like I am crazy.

    Perhaps I am, but I can say that I have never been inside the temple, so the fact that I have seen a silver room in a dream speaks something does it not? I can tell you from experience most of the mormons I grew up with (do not forget that I was once among the group) cared more about what they look like and how other peers see them. I remember just recently I had some missionaries approach me and I told them I wanted nothing to do with their religion and they asked me why so I told them because you are against God for they place a Graven image before him and they got mad and said no we are not, it is not idolatry to have a statue and I said I did not say you were Idolators I said you place a Graven image before God (statue moroni is before God) than he said some scripture about how all people must come to Jesus for salvation and than I countered and said I have came to jesus for salvation that is why I am rejecting you. than they got mad and stormed off and told me that God would someday judge me.

    I tell you I have my place before the judgement but know that I also have my place with the love of God. That is all I guess.

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