Holy Cannoli

I’m sitting here in the library, fresh from the last final of my undergraduate education. I have to tell you, it feels PHENOMENAL. It’s like I’ve run a mental-marathon.

Honestly, these classes have kept me so busy all semester that I thought the finals week would kill me. But surprisingly, I did fine. I paced myself with my work and even took some time to relax. My school had turned me into a reading-writing machine. I can spit out essays in my sleep now. This last final was pretty hurried because I wanted to use a certain quote that took me 15 minutes to find. But even with that kind of poor time management, I still said everything that I wanted to say.

My final graduation requirement was to pay a library fine for the book I’ve had ALL semester. They’d send overdue notices, and I’d put them straight into the round-file. Sorry, library. I do things on my own timetable–not yours. Hehehe. I really needed the book, though.

I guess my “graduation” is whenever I feel like it because my school doesn’t do commencement in the fall. I think said graduation might take place tonight at a chinese buffet.

That said, I think I’m going to have some free time on my hands now. Anybody for computerized carnage, digital death, and midnight mayhem? Starcraft is ok. Preferrably Warcraft 3… see my post.


2 Responses to “Holy Cannoli”

  1. Greg Says:

    Congrats to you. I admit to no jealousy. Too bad you can’t come try the new buffet in town here. It’s pretty good. In fact, i may have to celebrate your graduation tonight myself… hmmmm.

    also. I had cannoli for the first time this last weekend. It was very delectable.

  2. Cornelius Says:

    I am more than willing to hold graduation celebrations for you at chinese buffets on a regular basis! Mazel Tov! I am also willing to hold graduation celebrations of digital carnage on a regualr basis. I have no job, school or family responsabilities at all, so whenever you want is cool with me.

    Rock On!!!

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