New Looks

Thought we could try a new look for the site.  I think it’s shiny and blue.  Yay for shiny and blue. 

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4 Responses to “New Looks”

  1. Talia Lee Says:

    shiny is okay but blue is better. Yay for Blue!

  2. Cornelius Says:

    I feel kind of like I did when I went into Kmart the first time after they did their periodic re-organization. I am unphased so long as I can still find things. When I cannot find things I get angry.

  3. anah Says:

    It’s very angular. I read somewhere that guys are more attracted to angles and girls are more attracted to flowing lines. This was obviously a marketing analyzation and not meant to be applied to one sex looking at the other. Erm…shiny and blue. And angular. It looks like a web-business page. But don’t ask me right now. I’m having issues.

    Let me be

  4. anah Says:

    Also I liked seeing at what times people posted. It made me feel not so alone if we were all up late. :-)

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