Fires on the Mountain

There are a few homes on the mountainside above Cedar City.  They’re mostly that log-cabin / rustic style that I suppose is meant to be useful for living in the woods.  I’ve often wondered what the people who live up there do when the snow comes down thick.  I don’t think any snowplow goes up there with any frequency.  Maybe they store a bunch of food for the long winter snow-ins. 

Today I looked up and saw a column of smoke and flame coming from the mountain.  I couldn’t see if it was around a house, but it’s right in that ‘neighborhood.’  And I can’t figure out how a fire would start up there on a clear day except by the humans who live in the piles of wood.

Now I wonder what all the other home-owners are thinking.  There’s a fire just down the slope from them and certainly no fire department up at the top of the mountain to rescue them. 

Maybe this is why I don’t want to live in a cabin.



2 Responses to “Fires on the Mountain”

  1. anah Says:

    Do you actually live in Cedar City? Ivy says she sees you in church in Kanab, which I thought was strange, as the commute to SUU wouldn’t be that great. But whatever works for you!
    Just curious.


  2. Cornelius Says:

    I think that those who are rich enough to live in the woods at the top of a distant hill are also rich enough to have private helicopters with buckets battle the fire for them.

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