Blaine and me. But mostly blaine.

I saw a comic today that I thought pretty well described what I think the driving ideal would be.

Apple geeks

I think this goes more for blaine than me, but still I’ve often thought it would be fun to chase other cars through the streets with red shells. I got to be a pro with those things.

This comic is linked to on the right under “Applegeeks lite”.



One Response to “Blaine and me. But mostly blaine.”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    I don’t really know much about shooting “items” at people on the road. Unless you consider flares, shotguns, flashbangs, assault rifles, small machine guns, large machine guns, and rockets to be “items”. Then I know a lot. The “power slide” isn’t a single button. It’s more of a combo move. It’s hard to put something that intuitive into a sequence, but I think it’s something like left, gas, right, select, start. It works best in rear-wheel-drive cars.

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