Pomp and pieces

I wish I was coolAbout the same time that Ben (see left) was getting his comission (see below), I was attending my youngest sister’s college graduation. It was a pretty interesting affair – more fun than the average graduation. I think what made it so much better than the normal boring graduation was the addition of a jazz band in one corner of the arena. They were already set up and playing some upbeat jazz standards as the attendees entered the building. Since I got to pick the seats, we sat right next to the band.

Eventually, the students began to do their entry ‘march’ (or entry meander as I like to think of it.) The jazz band straightened up and began to play the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance.” I remembered playing this song once at a high school graduation and feeling like the already boring song had been lengthened to a torture-level duration; and that was only while about 100 students entered the gymnasium. In this instance, at Utah State University, I felt a great rush of pity for the jazz band, which would be playing for the time it took at least 500 students to find their seats.

The jazzy version of the song began and we all stood and began the search for the one person we would recognize in the flood of black robes and square hats. Her found, our eyes and attention began to wander.

I noticed after a couple of minutes that Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance” had mystically turned into “Pick up the Pieces” by Average White Band.

I listened for a minute. Not a mistake.

The rest of the procession / march was done to the tasty 70’s rhythym until the professors began to trickle in at the end of the parade. The band resumed it’s original tune and ended just in time for the president to mount the steps to the podium. It was great. I wish I were graduating from USU just so I could have some good ol’ funk to wrap it up with.

The trip up north was also a chance to see my other younger sister’s art final. She had elected to build a dress out of glowsticks. And build it she did. As people entered the ‘gallery’ where the final pieces were hosted, everybody stopped to watch the art being constructed. I snapped the sticks, my mom stuck on the connecters, and my sister attached them to the wire frame. People kept saying “Is that really a dress?” or “It looks like a dress. What is it?” or “Cool.”

My sister is more creative than me. My best idea for ‘installation art’ is to stick a toilet on the wall and call it art.


Glowstick dress


One Response to “Pomp and pieces”

  1. Cornelius Says:

    That is cool. Both the dress and the funk. For too long have graduation ceremonies been the same. Nothing like a bit of funk to make something interresting. Do you have a picture of this glow-dress being worn by anyone?

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